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The DVD is a comprehensive resource for students in the visual arts in years 9–13, particularly senior students studying photography. It will also be a valuable resource in other learning areas, such as social studies, history, and English.

The Digital Handboek complements a touring retrospective exhibition and major publication entitled HANDBOEK: ANS WESTRA PHOTOGRAPHS, which contains photographs and essays by major writers on Ans Westra’s work and documentary photography in New Zealand.

Teachers and students can use the DVD in conjunction with the online teachers’ notes located on the Ministry of Education’s website Te Kete Ipurangi at: www.tki.org.nz/r/arts/visarts/ans-westra/

The DVD provides an extended perspective on the life and work of Ans Westra. Using both moving and still footage, it looks at one of New Zealand’s acclaimed and most consistent documentary photographers through:

  • her own photographs and publications;
  • television documentary material;
  • writings [about the photographer] or [by the photographer];
  • a contemporary interview produced by Gaylene Preston.

The DVD also features a comprehensive documentary on eight major New Zealand photographers, including Ans Westra.




Produced for the Ministry of Education by BWX Productions.

Published 2005 for the Ministry of Education by Learning Media Limited, Box 3293, Wellington.

Photograph, video, and music copyrights as specified in the DVD credits. Still images remain the exclusive property of Ans Westra. Moving image footage remains the property of THE Productions, Television New Zealand, TV3, and BWX Productions.

DVD compilation copyright © Crown 2005. All rights reserved. Enquiries should be made to the publisher.

ISBN: 0 7903 0882 7

Item number: 30882

Copyright © Crown 2005 (except as stated on the DVD credits). All rights reserved.